OPEN DAILY from 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Location George Bush Intercontinental Airport - IAH
Terminal E - Gate 15

About Us

Zori Bistro

Zori Bistro, a local Asian concept, is wholly owned and operated by JDDA Concessions Management. The vision for Zori is to introduce the fresh flavors and best cuisine from Asia to the airport environment. Aside from typical Asian cuisine in the US, our authenticity is not compromised.

Zori Bistro Management

Diane Yoo

diane-webMs. Yoo is responsible for management of the company brand and marketing, consumer insights, development strategy and execution. She also has oversight of the company’s research and development. She develops and promotes new concepts and service to create opportunity and growth for JDDA Concession Management. Ms. Yoo also oversees the business strategy, consumer marketing, and operations.

Ms. Yoo’s strength in development and research helped create innovative concepts for JDDA Concession Management. Ms. Yoo’s experiences also include Public Relations, Media, Communications, and Lobbying. She has an extensive background in the fashion, entertainment industry, and luxury retail. With her diverse background, she oversaw industry alliances and funneled diverse expertise into growth.

She is also a Fashion Designer and Baylor Alum. Ms. Yoo is an international consultant for the fashion, entertainment, and beauty industry. She is extensively involved in the community organizations such as human trafficking and social justice associations.